Kinderdance is designed to offer children ages 2-4 a very pleasurable first exposure to dance instruction

Pre-ballet and Tap

Pre-ballet and Tap will refine basic motor skills and teach basic ballet and tap technique


Ballet technique is a highly disciplined training in which a fairly standard progression of exercises are employed to build the strength and flexibility required for classical positions and steps. Pointe must be in Level IV. Partnering must be in Level IV and on Pointe.


Tap the objective of this form of dance is to master the use of body and feet in playing melodic patterned drumming out rhythms

Modern / Jazz

Modern / Jazz dance utilizes the various rhythms of music combined with isolations of the body. Classes consist of center and floor work, across the floor techniques and varied stylistic combinations.

Lyrical / Lyrical Ballet

Competition Teams

Competition Teams are formed to compete in tap, ballet, jazz, and lyrical

Performing Company

Performing Company available for advanced students only

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